How to distinguish between standard steel and ground steel

There are two concepts in “strip steel”. One is the original concept or the narrow concept, that is, the image of the strip steel billet produced by the small steel enterprise using the die casting process and the length of about one meter or two. The other is the concept of department or broad concept, which refers to “steel that is made of scrap steel and is melted by induction furnaces, cannot be effectively produced by component and quality control, and steel that is rolled by it.”[1]
The diameter and tensile strength of the strip steel products are difficult to meet the national standards. Most of the products have brittle fracture, and the quality has serious hidden dangers.
The strip steel is made by melting the scrap steel with an intermediate frequency furnace and then pouring it into a simple cast iron mold for cooling. In the meantime, neither analytical analysis nor quality control such as temperature is performed. More than 90% of the steel produced by this method is a substandard product.
There is no significant difference in the appearance of the finished strip steel, but the quality is not guaranteed. Even if it is pulled by hand, it will be deformed. If it falls from a height of more than 1 meter, it can be broken into several pieces.
Because the production of strip steel requires a large amount of electricity, the simplest, most economical and most effective measure to combat the illegal production of “strip steel” is to cut off the production technology and equipment. The power supply of the ingot’s power frequency furnace. Such a measure to prevent problems before they occur.

Post time: Dec-18-2018

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