Application of phenolic foam, fireproof, heat preservation, lightweight, energy saving

Application of phenolic foam, fireproof, heat preservation, lightweight, energy saving

Phenolic foam is the most promising new multi-purpose foam material recognized internationally. It has attracted people’s attention because of its excellent characteristics, and deeply understands that it is difficult to use, low smoke, non-toxic and high temperature resistant. The distinctive features of the disparity have a wide range of applications and broad market prospects in various buildings. It has the advantages of green, low carbon, energy saving, fireproof, environmental protection, heat preservation, light weight, high pressure, sound insulation, beautiful, cheap, non-toxic, non-corrosive, etc., and does not require freon foaming, no environmental pollution, good processability, construction Convenient, long service life, its comprehensive performance is currently unmatched by various insulation materials. The invention not only solves the unsatisfactory fireproof performance of the organic material, but also solves the problem that the inorganic material has large water absorption rate and poor heat preservation effect, and has an undisputed comprehensive advantage. The following are specific applications for phenolic foam:

Phenolic foam_副本

(1) As the inner and outer insulation materials of the outer wall. It can be used for exterior wall fire barrier system, exterior wall plastering system (paint or tile finish), curtain wall system (glass curtain wall, metal curtain wall or stone curtain wall), decorative integration system, etc.

(2) As insulation material for central air conditioning ventilation ducts. It can be made into aluminum foil composite phenolic duct, color steel composite phenolic duct and galvanized steel composite phenolic duct.

(3) As a fireproof and insulation sandwich insulation material. It can be used for fire door filling materials, thermal insulation materials for cold storage, insulation materials for underground construction, thermal insulation materials for solar energy, and fire insulation materials for vehicles.

(4) As a lightweight, soundproof, moisture-proof, fireproof and thermal insulation material. Can be used for interior wall partitions, roof insulation boards, roof insulation boards, soundproof ceilings and soundproof screens.

(5) As a metal surface sandwich material, a color steel sandwich panel or the like is formed. It can be used in steel structure industrial workshops, temporary mobile houses, high-grade quick-loading villas, large-scale baking test equipment and flammable and explosive warehouses.

(6) As a covering material for pipes and equipment. It can be used in petrochemical pipelines, natural gas transmission pipelines, oil pipelines, liquefied gas pipelines, cold heating pipelines, reaction equipment and storage tanks.

(7) As a flower arrangement mud material. Can be used for fresh cut flower shape, preservation, etc.


Post time: Sep-11-2019

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